Ashley Benson: Crazed ‘PLL’ Fans Approached Me While I Was Naked In A Spa — Watch

Well, this is uncomfortable! Ashley Benson dropped by ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ on July 23 where she revealed her most awkward encounter with a fan, and you’ll never believe where it all went down!

Ashley Benson, 25, may want to invest in a bodyguard — and soon. The Pretty Little Liars actress stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers on July 23 where she revealed the story behind her most awkward fan encounter. The site of this incredibly uncomfortable moment? The shower! Here’s what went down and the awesome way Ashley responded.

Being bombarded by hoards of fans on the street is stressful enough, but things reached new levels of awkward when Ashley ran into an obsessed PLL fan while attempting to enjoy a relaxing day at the spa. “I was at a Korean spa and I was showering, and, obviously, you’re not clothed,” Ashley said. (This sounds like trouble already). “A girl came into my shower stall and she was like, ’Can we get a picture? Can you tell me who A is? What can we talk about, can you tell me anything?’” Hello? It’s called boundaries people!

Though we would have been furious with a complete stranger crashing our private shower, we commend Ashley for handling the situation as well as one possibly could. “I was like, ‘I’m literally in a show right now, so not the best time,’” explained the blonde beauty. “The girl then waited for me to get out of the shower; I was so embarrassed.” We would be too!

Ashley is currently busy promoting her new film, Pixels, in which she plays Lady Lisa, a beautiful warrior from the fictional 1982 video game Dojo Quest. “Josh Gad’s character has been obsessed with her every since he was a young boy, and I basically come to Earth to essentially kill him,” said Ashley of her character. “Once I get in front of him he just falls over like ‘Oh my God,’ and we have a little…fun time.” Hmm, sounds suspicious. Hopefully, it’s not the kind of fun that comes with surprising someone in the shower. We think one time is enough for Ashley.