A New Drama is Coming Soon

News about the latest Jdrama has everyone excited. The producers of the drama have assembled an all star cast that will act in two seasons worth of episodes. The drama will air in less than a month, and to prepare for it, I’m going to upgrade my Internet connection. The current connection that I have isn’t fast enough to watch anything in good quality. When I watch dramas online now, I have to switch to the lowest quality setting. If I don’t, each episode will take forever to load, and there will be constant buffering in the player.

I’m also going to buy a small computer to use as a home theater PC for viewing. I usually use my laptop for viewing dramas, but the screen is only around 14 inches, which isn’t really a lot. It’s similar to how I used to watch shows on the 13 inch television at my parent’s home when I was a kid. We would have to get close to the screen because otherwise it would be impossible to see what was going on. If there was any really small text, we would have trouble making it out, and would just guess what it was saying.

The small computer will sit under the entertainment center in my living room. Using my home’s wireless connection, the computer will connect to the Internet to stream the drama. The computer will be connected to the big screen television at the entertainment center through an HDMI port in the back. It will be just like going to a miniature movie theater, only I won’t have to pay for admission, because I’m the one who owns it. To celebrate the first episode, I think I’ll order some Japanese food. There’s a local restaurant near me that makes some amazing sushi and noodles.