OMG Did Ashley Benson Just Accidentally Reveal That Hanna and Caleb Are Getting Married?!

When Pretty Little Liars fans are not freaking out about whether or not Charles is alive, they’re freaking out about the upcoming five year time jump. PLL Queen Marlene I. King revealed that once the complete truth about Charles is revealed, season 6B will pick up five years later, and we’ll see the Liars in a whole new light. Considering how much has changed over the last five seasons (especially since some producers guess Rosewood is still in 2010), imagine what can change in five years — literally everything! Will the Liars still be friends? Will they stay in Rosewood? Will they be off at college? Will Charles leave them alone for good? And most importantly, what will happen to all of our favorite PLL couples?

Marlene in so few words basically guaranteed that Ezria are endgame, and Troian Bellisario hinted that Spoby may see some dark days, but what about everyone’s ultimate relationship goals, Haleb? This weeks episode had some fans worried Hanna was pushing Caleb away, but Ashley Benson’s latest SnapChat makes it clear there’s nothing to worry about. Not only will Haleb make it through, it looks like come season 6B, they’ll be married! OMG MARRIED.

So it turns out that Ashley Benson has a secret actress twin named Grace Phipps

Forget the endless Pretty Little Liars mysteries and even trying to work out who the hell Charles actually is, because Ashley Benson has got a real life puzzle that needs solving.

In fact, everybody on Instagram is pretty much losing their minds over how much newly blonde actress Grace Phipps – who you might remember for her role as April Young in The Vampire Diaries – looks like Ashley.

Although we did just say that Grace is blonde, she hasn’t always been and before she hit the bleach nobody ever really mistook her for Ashley.
This is Grace Phipps holding what looks like a cappuccino. Or is it Ashley Benson holding a latte? Or is Grace Phipps holding Ashley Benson’s cappuccino? OR IS IT ASHLEY HOLDING A MOCHA?

Ashley Benson snaps a selfie at the dentist before reuniting with on-off boyfriend Ryan Good

Dentist selfies have become a new fad among celebrities and Ashley Benson is the latest to share her up close snap from the chair.

But that wasn’t the only thing that caught many people’s eyes on Friday. Shortly after the 25-year-old actress’ appointment, she was seen getting picked up by on-off again ex boyfriend Ryan Good.

The Pretty Little Liars star and the 31-year-old former ‘swag coach’ of Justin Bieber – who reportedly split in December – looked very happy together as they left the dentist office in his black Jeep.

Ashley started her day with a trip to her dentist to get a teeth cleaning which she shared with her 6.4m followers on Instagram.

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Ashley Benson Calls Out Her Pesky Pimple

Acne breakouts are never fun, but instead of getting upset over having a pimple, why not totally embrace it? That’s exactly what Ashley Benson did! The Pretty Little Liars star was just enjoying a day lounging by the pool when she proudly showed off the pimple cream she had on her chin.

Ashley didn’t let the fact that she had a pesky pimple on her face stop her from enjoying her day, and her decision to openly flaunt it and snap a selfie makes it even better!

What do you think about Ashley showing off her pimple cream? Have you ever taken a selfie like that before? Tell us in the comments below!